Why Reviews Are Crucial for Your Home Service Business

Words matter — especially when it comes to reviews. In a world of online buying and booking, reviews have become a crucial currency. People look to them to discover the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether you’re just building your home service business or are looking to grow it, it’s important to understand why reviews are so valuable and how to use them to your advantage.

They create trust.

When it comes to spending money, people want to mitigate risk as much as possible. When a business lacks any reviews, that person is taking a chance on them. There’s no certainty that they’ll be satisfied with their experience. However, when customers discover highly-rated businesses with several reviews, they feel more confident that their experience will be similar to prior clients. 

They convert.

From online shopping to finding restaurants, reviews have become a powerful persuasion tool. If an item or business has glowing reviews, people are more likely to add to cart or book an appointment. Powerful, positive reviews create curiosity, excitement, and a desire to be part of that experience. On the other end, if there are an overwhelming number of bad reviews on a product or business, people will often run in the other direction. This is why creating an exceptional customer experience is important for your business. It can be the difference between revenue gained or revenue lost. 

They increase visibility. 

When a customer searches for a service, Google presents them with a list of possible businesses. To determine that ranking, Google looks at a variety of factors — including quantity and quality. Basically, the more reviews your business has, the higher your ranking. Moving to the top the list makes it easier for customers to find your business and more likely to book. 

They offer insights. 

While no business enjoys receiving a negative review, they can offer opportunities for the business to grow. If your customer felt communication was lacking, consider how you can create a better connection in the future. Try sending text messages that keep them updated through each step of the process. Make sure expectations are clear from the get go. By implementing new changes, you can prevent customers from experiencing the same frustrations or disappointments. Although you may be discouraged at times, remember that weaknesses can always become strengths. And every business, big or small, has room to improve. 

They show you care. 

In addition to implementing changes in your business, take the time to respond to those less-than-glowing reviews. Doing this shows a willingness to take responsibility for mistakes made and that you care about your customer’s opinion. Responding in a thoughtful — and never defensive — manner also gives potential customers the opportunity to see how you handle difficult situations. They may be more willing to forgive faults and see your desire to deliver better service. 

Now that you understand how essential reviews are, how do you get more of them? Instead of waiting for customers to create reviews on their own, ask them for their feedback! Approximately 71% of consumers will leave a review when asked. Capitalize on that opportunity by using Relay’s affordable, one-tap communication platform to easily request reviews from customers while it’s still top of mind. Schedule a demo today to see how it works!

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